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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Restoration Road

Many of the families we serve live in vulnerable situations. They struggle with physical, emotional and mental issue's that make them targets to be taken advantage of. Most of the under-resourced families we serve could use assistance to navigate resources to stabilize their lives.

In our Home Building department we have volunteer Family Partners assigned to each family. These Family Partners walk alongside families during their home buying experience and through their first year of home ownership.

If we are serious about helping ABWK families stabilize homeownership we must focus on the people as much as we focus on restoring their homes. If we are interested in revitalizing neighborhoods and community development we must assist families in finding more permanent solutions out of poverty.

We are looking at adapting our Family Partner program we use in home building for our ABWK families. ABWK families need allies to walk alongside them during their home restoration process. Our focus will be on helping families connect with resources that will stabilize their home situation. We will not stray outside our mission but will partner with our community to create a more holistic home solution for the families we serve.

We are in the early stages of creating this program but wanted to share the need and concept in case this resonates with other affiliates. The journey of home ownership has many bumps and turns for the families we serve. We want to help families navigate through these struggles on the road to home restoration.

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