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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Every Generation Needs A Safe, Stable Home

Every generation deserves a safe, stable home to live. That's why Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is started Age Well at Home. 

With the explosion of the Baby Boomers turning 65, the need for helping homeowners adapt their home for successful aging will grow rapidly.

According to research there are 5 characteristics that most beneficial for helping people age in place:
  • Meaningful connections
  • Purpose in life
  • Safe & healthy living environment
  • Access to services & transportation
  • Navigational support to maintain stability

As we look to prepare for future needs we have divided our program options into five categories of a continuum of services: 
  • Homeowner partners (volunteer visitor to check on home situation)
  • Seasonal maintenance/chore services
  • Minor accessibility projects: ramps/railings, level walkways, lighting, grab bars, lever handles (doors & sinks)
  • Major accessibility projects: Create or retrofit bathroom, laundry and bedroom, flooring or widen doorways
  • Create: Attached or detached apartment, homes with Universal Design                      

           As we continue to research and develop our program we have found that the above categories are all significant needs in our community. However, we will need to understand how our expertise in volunteer management, construction skills and working with vulnerable seniors match community needs and resources.

As we continue to understand the aging population we are also finding that Baby Boomers (those 55-70) view aging much differently than previous generations. They will demand a multi-generational and community centered approach to services rather than be isolated in "senior residences." So we will need to learn a different approach in how we serve them in our communities. Home Repair Aging in Place
Aging in Place

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