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Friday, September 20, 2013

Criminal Background Checks - Creating Informed and Successful Family Partnerships

We at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity have begun performing criminal background checks on all of our homeowners. Background checks will be conducted for both potential homebuilding and ABWK families.

We have always been an organization that gives homebuyers and homeowners an opportunity to make fresh starts. We believe that extending a hand of grace and service is at the core of our Christian ministry.

However, we also want to be stewards of the reputation we've built in the community and the brand we've been entrusted with. We want to make sure we know any pertinent information about homeowners that could have the potential diminishing our effectiveness in the community and ultimately hurt our ability to serve and partner with our families.

 Conducting background checks is a recommendation from HFHI. We have used their recommendations as a framework for our policy.

Here is the draft of our criminal background check policy:

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