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Friday, May 1, 2020

Branding A Brush with Kindness

Call it what it is... A simple act of kindness in partnership with a homeowner family to create stability. Connecting people (homeowners and community - volunteers, agencies and sponsors), restoring homes: A Brush with Kindness.
The program name puts the people we are serving at the center of the story along with those who volunteer.

What HFHI has come to proclaim in its new branding efforts is that our housing programs promote strength, stability and self-reliance for everyone. It explicitly puts people first in our story.

In the past, we have tended to put process (building or preserving homes) and volunteerism front and center. Yet even with its crucial importance of who we are, it allowed those we serve take a secondary (yet still important) role. However, putting those we serve as secondary his has hurt our ability to grow and serve more people.

If you've listened to the recent HFHI presentations about re-branding, it is apparent that we are shifting from building-centered marketing to person-centered marketing. Now that's a simplified statement. Habitat will never and should never get away from the powerful visual story that is created as we see volunteers raise a house wall. Or the powerful picture of seeing a before and after photo of a freshly painted and restored home.

However, focusing our branding on the people we serve will help Habitat to take the next step in growth and more importantly it places the emphasis on where we all know and want it to be - on those we are called to serve.

As we look to tighten up on our home building messaging, I hope we do the same for our programs that help homeowners fix up their homes.
The name A Brush with Kindness sends a clear message to our community that Habitat cares about people living in unstable situations and where we are committed to walk alongside them to restore their homes. Home Repair Aging in Place

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