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ABWK Homeowner Process

ABWK Homeowner Process
The following is a brief outline of our homeowner outreach and application process:

_____Homeowner Outreach
- Meet with and/or send intro letter/magnet to community agencies such as Community Action, Home Delivered Meals, Area Agency on Aging, Community Development Corporations, United Way calling centers (211), Senior Community Centers, etc.
- Meet with neighborhood churches and have them designate a Sunday(s) for congregation outreach (provide bulletin insert).
- Banks – provide flyers
- Local papers, TV/Radio, Neighborhood Newsletters – Press release
- Municipal housing and code enforcement – Provide flyers/applications
- Hospitals/Rehab Facilities/Neighborhood Clinics: Flyer and application distribution
- Neighborhood door to door – We do an initial drive around and visually inspect for exterior projects, we take our list of potential properties and check online with the county to weed out non-homeowner properties. We then go door to door, talking to homeowners about our services and leaving door hangers for those not home.

_____Applications are received year round from homeowners, neighborhood groups, community agencies etc.

_____Basic homeowner application information is entered in our ABWK Access data base.

_____Review applications – assess application paperwork. All forms (ABWK Application, Waiver, Covenant and Lead Safety information) must be received and filled out properly to move forward.

______We prioritize applications using an assessment tool and staff discussion. Project priority is given to seniors, disabled and single parent families within targeted neighborhoods.

______ Families meet with staff to discuss application and work possibilities.
                 (Work Scope/Project Management Checklist coming soon)

______ Confirm work to be completed (MOU). Seven year forgivable mortgage/note signed (Projects over $3,000).

______Work days confirmed and scheduled with homeowner and volunteer group(s).

______Project begins and is completed by volunteers and homeowner (sweat equity).

______Project ends with a review of work completed with homeowner family.

It is important to note that the application process for homeowner families and homebuyer families are very different. Following a specific ABWK family process may not seem that important when you are serving 5-10 families a year. However, if you want to get to a critical mass of families served that can have a major impact in your community, It will be important to have a separate family process for A Brush with Kindness.

This is the 3rd section in a series that will be the foundation of a “how to” manual that will be available soon.