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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Helping Families Live in Safe, Healthy Homes

As your program develops, you will see a pattern of families with certain needs. At our affiliate, The majority of our work serves seniors, single parents and people with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Much of our work with these families focuses around creating or restoring a safe, healthy living environment. Many families recognize their housing needs and will seek out community support.

However, there are many families that do not recognize their need for assistance. Sometimes because of a chronic condition like personal health or very low income they insulate themselves and live in survival mode until outside forces create a crises that demands action.

These forces can be from housing inspectors (municipal citations), An insurance agent (safety issue that threatens homeowner insurance), a concerned neighbor, family member, social worker or health care worker. These individuals usually are the impetus for these families to seek help to avoid a potentially larger issue of losing their home.

The most common types of work that make a home safer are: railings, grab bars, roof replacement, a variety of exterior wood replacement, ramps, flooring, plumbing and electrical repairs.

We started with the simple low-cost fixes and over the years, as resources increased we tackled bigger projects.

The vast majority of our projects focus on helping people live in a healthier environment. It's what's needed most in our community and it is what our community loves to support.

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