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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Heart of Funding Your Program

If you read my most recent posts, it is apparent that we value family stories as central to our program and our ability to grow and sustain A Brush with Kindness.  It is also the reason we do not refer to our program as a housing product or a repair program etc. ABWK is part of our homeowner services with an emphasis on people not product. We extend grace and kindness to give families a hand up so they can continue living in a safe, healthy home. 

A Brush with Kindness emphasizes the relationships with our families first and then the opportunities our community has to connect with them in a mutually beneficial partnership that brings healing, joy and hope to those involved.

So in the process of building these relationships, we are able to raise the funds that has created a very successful program.

How ever you set up your sponsorship levels and whether you have a direct relationship between sponsors and particular families (a combination of both will bring about the most successful fundraising strategy), Being able to tell compelling stories of those you serve is central to a programs long-term success and sustainability.

Your community will be inspired and rally around stories like seniors who struggle to remain living in their longtime home; Veterans struggling to make the transition back to civilian home life; single parents struggling with new responsibilities and stresses; or a disabled person overcoming the challenges of creating an accessible living environment.

Obviously,  your family stories will need to be somewhat adapted depending on your audience, whether it is a church, business, government entity, private foundation or individual donor. 

Yet, being able to effectively communicate the struggles (as well as the outcomes) of the families you serve and the opportunities the community has to make a difference in their lives, will create the environment for a well funded program.

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