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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Onsite Volunteer Education

As time permits, we spend part of our morning meeting with volunteers educating them on the basics of Habitat and specifically ABWK - Who we serve, what we do, why it's important etc.  This brief presentation connects our volunteers more closely with our organization and the families we serve.

Here is the outline of what we cover:
1. Habitat introduction on homebuilding and home restoration.
2. The need for home restoration (ABWK)
       - nationally and locally
3. A brief ABWK overview.
4. Sharing the commonalities of all of our stories and struggles connects us to one another and that when we help our neighbor we are helping ourselves as well.
5. Sharing about the work (restoring homes) we partner with families to complete
        - a continuum of services including Referral, ReStore(DIY) and Restoration.
6. Common issues our families face
        - fixed income, illness, unemployment, code violations, loss of insurance & foreclosure.
7. Main populations we serve -
        - aging, disabilities, single parenthood etc.
8. Impact of ABWK on:
        - homeowners, the neighborhood and entire community.
9. Wrap up
        - ABWK is about connecting people and restoring homes...

The entire presentation takes about 10-15 minutes depending on discussion questions.  The complete educational program will be posted to the blog sometime in May 2012.

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