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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Partner Family Requirements

There are several philosophies being promoted to affiliates on how to effectively partner with families.  For us at TCHFH it comes down to answering 3 important questions.  First, how can we create a family partnership that best assists homeowners in their struggle to stay in an affordable home?  Second, how can we have a big enough impact to create the resources necessary to sustain such a program?  And finally, how can we be true to our hand up philosphy while recognizing the significant differences between homebuyer and homeowner families?  The answers for us has been to be flexible and adaptable as we develop a consistent model of service to homeowner families based on the unique circumstances that we have learned through serving the restoration needs of our homeowners.

The componants of our family partner model consist of our application process, homeowner interview and assessment, Memorandum of Understanding, sweat equity requirements, secured forgiveable loans, volunteer asisstance, project commemoration and pay it forward opportunities to volunteer and donate when families are able.

Families must be willing to participate throughout the partnership process to be eligible for service.  One concept we are always conscience of throughout the process with families is that their home is their responsibility and we are there at their invitation to only provide the necessary support (remembering that they have purchased their home without our assistance and for the most part have kept it up for years without our assistance) that enables them to stabilize their living situation and continue to maintain their own home.  abwk habitat for humanity

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