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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's All About The Story

The families we serve and their stories are the heartbeat of the partnership we have with homeowners.
The history homeowners have in their home with family, friends, neighbors, vocation etc. is the foundation of understanding and communicating our partnership and service to them.
It is how these stories intersect and our woven into the lives of staff, volunteers, sponsors and community partners that creates the energy that inspires how your program functions, grows and is viewed by your community.
Getting those involved with your organization to experience a broader view of your homeowners will produce a deeper commitment to your program and organization that goes far beyond the volunteer experience.
Therefore, it is vital to understand how each family story can create important touch points with those who will interact with them and experience their environment at home.
So take every opportunity to share the struggles a senior has trying remain in their home or the single parent juggling bills, work and parenting responsibilities trying to maintain a safe home for her kids or a disabled veteran coming to grips with the physical and mental challenges of making the transition back to civilian life.
Your program will have a much greater impact if your volunteers and sponsors are given important context behind the work they are supporting.
The centrality of the family situation and how it is presented to your community will determine the extent of success and sustainability of A Brush with Kindness.  abwk habitat for humanity

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