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Friday, April 29, 2011

Measuring Success

There are a variety of ways we measure success in A Brush with Kindness.  Obviously, number of families served is the most apparent and shows the big picture impact your program is having in your community.  Also, if you are targeting certain neighborhoods, where your projects are clustered will play a role in factoring impact.

The following areas are also measured and play a role in program evaluation:
• Number of applicants and % of qualified applicants served
• Specific populations served
• Partners and collaborators
• Number of volunteers
• Number of volunteer groups
• Size of projects
• Neighborhoods served
• Number of sponsoring groups
• Funding amounts and sources
• Number of media events and special projects

However, the most important evaluation comes in our ability to help each family restore their home and give them hope to live a safe and healthy home.  Whether it is a senior striving to age in place, or a single parent juggling overwhelming responsibilities as she struggles to give her kids the security of a decent home, or even a person with disabilities trying to adapt their home to keep their independence, A Brush with Kindness is ultimately evaluated by its ability to help families be successful homeowners.  abwk habitat for humanity

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