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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Work Scope Checklist

Families, volunteers, staff, work scope and materials are brought together through our project management process. Initially, this can be accomplished by one or more staff and/or a committee. However, it is critical to have a designated person for home renovation projects once you get to a critical mass. ABWK projects need to move at a different pace than home building and require a point person to bring all the components together for a successful project. Below is our ABWK project management process: abwk habitat for humanity

_____Set up homeowner meeting after all application requirements are met.
_____Meet with the homeowner and complete homeowner interview.
a. Review the family situation.  Take notes for Homeowner Assessment.
b. Remind family of what our program is all about.
c. Give family a homeowner packet – Brochure, Review, Requirements, Covenant and lead brochure (Renovate Right).
d. Tour house with homeowner and discuss work requested from the application.
e. From project manager or site supervisor assessment, discuss work scope and what can be expected from Habitat.
f. Discuss MOU and what work will be included in the project.
g. Pick out paint colors or any special material issues or requests.
h. Explain Homeowner Pledge Program (projects over $3,000)
        - Discuss the parameters of the pledge program and how the 7 year forgivable mortgage/note works.
i. Communicate clearly with the homeowner the eligibility process and family partnership responsibilities.

______Complete Work Scope Summary, Homeowner Assessment and MOU.
______Send Mortgage/Note to homeowner for review and signature.
______Contact homeowner to set up work dates and a meeting with Volunteer Team Leader(s). At the meeting make sure everyone is on same page concerning work, dates and other significant details. The homeowner meeting with the Volunteer Team Leader(s) is only for groups that are full house sponsors.
______Send signed MOU to homeowner that outlines what work Habitat commits to and wait for their signature and returned form.
______Schedule volunteer group workdays: Usually at least 60 days in advance. Most projects are completed within 3-5 days depending on the scope of work.
______After the work is completed, communicate clearly with the homeowner what was done and discuss any outstanding issues. Check off MOU (punch list) with homeowner and have them sign that work is complete.
______Send a copy of the mortgage and note to the homeowner after all work is completed and is filed with the county.

These are the basic project management process for preparing  and completing an ABWK renovation project.

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