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Saturday, January 29, 2011

ABWK Volunteer Leadership Overview

A Brush with Kindness uses individual and groups of volunteers just like our home building department. We receive volunteers from churches, businesses, and service organizations. Group size varies from 5 to 25 depending on the size of the project.  Volunteer ability also varies from novice to experienced contractor. Volunteer teams are matched with home projects based on size of project, experience of team, location of project and size of team. Volunteer groups are asked to sponsor the cost of the home they work on. Some volunteer groups work on both ABWK and home building projects and some prefer one over the other.

A Brush with Kindness relies on volunteer leadership to complete projects that are simple and require minimal training. This allows us to serve many more families and put our staff supervisors on higher skilled projects. However, staff set up and checks on volunteer lead projects frequently.

On projects where we have strong volunteer leadership, we put them through a 2 hour training. Volunteer leaders spend 1 hour in a classroom setting and 1 hour on site. Below are the area’s we cover in the volunteer leadership training:

Team Planning and Organization
Working with the homeowner
Work day Checklist
Group Meeting
Volunteer Safety Checklist
Environmental Safety Checklist
Supplies and Equipment Needs
Project Completion Checklist
Team Leader Packet

ABWK staff coordinate and facilitate all projects. ABWK staff meet with volunteer leadership on site to go over all work expectations. ABWK staff also make sure the Volunteer Team Leader and homeowner connect and fell comfortable with the project.  abwk habitat for humanity

* A Volunteer Team Leader Training Manual will be posted on in early 2011.

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