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Monday, June 28, 2010

What is a Critical Home Repair?

Recently, I have been hearing from various sources about the difference between ABWK work and "critical home repair" work.  Some have said that any work done on a home with a value of over $5,000 would fall into critical home repair.  Others specify critical repairs such as roof replacement or faulty wiring that include housing code violations and emergency situations.

At Twin Cities Habitat, some work we do valued over $5,000 is what we would call a critical home repair, other similar valued projects are not.  Twin Cities Habitat also includes many other home projects under $5,000 as being critical for families ability to continue living in their homes.

Accessibility work is a critical project need that ABWK supports with railings, ramps and flooring for individuals to be able to successfully live in their homes.  We have received numerous calls from rehab facilities saying they cannot release a patient to return to their home until these supports are in place.  We also do a lot of preventative repairs on steps, sidewalks and steps to help seniors and the disabled keep from dangerous falls.

Homeowner insurance loss is another critical homeowner issue that threatens the stability of families we serve.  Many of our homeowners are threatened with the loss of there homeowners insurance if they do not get critical home repairs completed.  ABWK helps families avoid losing homeowners insurance and possible loss of their home if a disaster strikes.

City Code Violations and subsequent fines are another sitiuation where ABWK work on a families home is critical to their financial stability.  Many families cannot afford to make repairs on their properties which eventually becomes a neighborhood eye sore and subject to municipal action. 

Exposed lead paint on homes occupied by single parents with small children is another critical situation that needs prompt attention.  When lead paint starts to peel and chip where small children can be exposed in their play area's, this becomes a critical home fix up.  Also, an unsecured broken doors from a burglary is also an emergency critical home repair that is fixed or replace by ABWK.

A Brush with Kindness at TCHFH, evaluates possible projects based on critical family need and impact rather than dollar value or predetermined construction activity which may or may not fall into the category of a critical home repair.  A critical home repair is one that needs timely attention and contributes to keeping families living in a safe, decent homeabwk habitat for humanity

Note: all homeowner occupied projects (critical or not) fall under A Brush with Kindness work.

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