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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Collaborating with Your ReStore

Our ReStore is providing creative ways for A Brush with Kindness to serve more families with critical home renovation needs.  Currently, A Brush with Kindness receives 10-15% of our materials from our ReStore.  This percentage would be significantly greater if we did not receive a lot of donated materials from other sources.  Through our ReStore, some qualified ABWK families receive materials for free (donated items) and others at cost (purchased).

We are also preparing to market ABWK to our ReStore customers and send our ABWK families to our ReStore after we serve them or even more importantly, if we cannot serve them but still qualify for assistance.
After 12 years, we serve approximately 40-50% of those that apply to our program.  One of the ways we are serving more homeowners is by providing materials and technical assistance to homeowners and having families find their own labor.  This has allowed us to serve an extra 20-25 families a year.

We also plan on partnering with our ReStore to provide a tool lending service (to the public and ABWK families) and diy assistance and training for those who need a little direction to get needed renovations completed on their own  This will allow us to serve even more families outside our traditional ABWK services.

By connecting some of our ABWK and ReStore resources, we are able to provide a broader range of services to meet more of the housing needs in our community.  abwk habitat for humanity

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