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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stretching Broader to Stabilize ABWK Families

Over the years we have found that our ABWK families have other pressing needs beyond fixing their homes that contribute to unstable housing situations. If our purpose is to stabilize homeowners and help them remain in their homes, then we also need to be a part of the bigger picture to help families accomplish this end.

Let me be clear, I'm not suggesting we go outside our mission of creating and preserving affordable housing. However, I am proposing that our mission goes beyond the building and rebuilding we do onsite!

One of the things we have seen when we serve families with home restoration (ABWK) services is that most families could use other assistance in helping them remain living in their home. At Twin Cities Habitat, we are beginning to walk alongside families to help them get connected to essential supportive resources for the home.

This basically means we are available to help families navigate essential resources that can help homeowners remain in a stable home. The following is a link to resources in our area we feel confident can assist struggling homeowners:

Here is also a link to a printed copy of helpful resources:

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