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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Serving Families Deeper

We build and rehab homes through our homebuilding program. We also do home maintenance and restoration through A Brush with Kindness.

When I created A Brush with Kindness it was because the local paint programs (one that I lead) were inadequate to stem the tide of home and neighborhood deterioration.

These beautification programs focused on the exterior of the home without addressing common health and safety issue's such as roofing, window failure, interior wall, ceiling and flooring issue's as well as electrical, heating/cooling and plumbing issue's.

Paint is a beautiful finishing touch and home preserver. However, without replacing parts of the rotted exterior envelop, failing interior parts, we are just putting on a temporary facade that is not very helpful to the homeowner or their long-term viability.
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
We do a lot of painting through ABWK, which is why we first focus on fixing both exterior and interior health and safety issue's that will assist families remain living in their home.

Did we begin our program replacing roofs or changing out electrical systems? No, we grew into helping homeowners in deeper ways. However, early on we made homeowners aware of their situation and assisted in troubleshooting solutions, sometimes serving them in multiple years to get the necessary work completed.

Exterior paint and minor restoration can help preserve a home and spruce up a neighborhood. Yet, to have a major impact on families and communities it is necessary to expand your program to a deeper scope of work.

Also, I know affiliates are promoting multiple "housing solutions" to their communities. However, what we have found is that marketing multiple maintenance programs only confuses your constituents. Also, things like weatherization may be helpful to homeowners, but it is better to use your precious budget dollars for more significant health and safety issue's.

Even if your affiliate prefers promoting several housing solutions you may want to consider having them people focused like homebuyer and homeowner services rather than housing products or solutions. Just a thought.

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