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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ABWK Blog - Feedback?

Since creating this blog four years ago, I have seen significant growth in the number of people and Habitat affiliates from around the country and around the world visiting this site. I started the blog after I stopped working for HFHI as a consultant to assist affiliates starting their own ABWK programs.

The blog also allowed me to continue sharing information about ABWK while concentrating more of my efforts on running the original A Brush with Kindness at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

Over the past four years, the blog has been basically promoted through word of mouth among affiliates.
However, I would love to see it used even more if it continue's to be a benefit to affiliates.

If you and your affiliate have benefited from this blog's articles and forms please pass our blog address on to others.

My next project will be to create an easy to use handbook from all of the blog posts and forms that would provide basic information on the start up and ongoing operation of programs like A Brush With Kindness.

Thanks for visiting and all the best with your ABWK program.

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