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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Helping Families Preserve Stable Homes

A Brush with Kindness serves close to 140 families a year. Yet, we receive nearly 300 applications as well.

The families we are able to partner with are served through a continuum of assistance based on their need, willingness to partner and available resources.

Yet, to we also try to be creative in leveraging all possible resources to meet homeowner needs.

Those we cannot help we refer to other organizations who may be able to offer some support.

We also work to link all of  our applicants with other helpful resources that keep them on a path of restoration and home stability.

These services may include financial counseling, legal assistance, thrift store vouchers, low cost home services, utility assistance, nutrition resources, medical assistance etc.

All of these services play a role in stabilizing a families home situation.  Twin Cities HFH is committed to helping families find appropriate resources that support their efforts to live in a safe, stable home.

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