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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Onsite Education - ABWK Introductory Module

Part of the on site experience is to understand who you are serving and why homeowners need our (Habitat staff and volunteers) help. A Brush with Kindness and Habitat for Humanity

We spend time each morning with our volunteers sharing what Habitat is all about.  We also share the families story either through their live or written testimony.  We then share the general story of the main populations we serve through painting their profile statistically, by anecdote and through discussion.

Sharing the story and circumstances of families we are serving brings volunteers closer to understanding the Habitat mission and help to develop more dedicated supporters. Volunteers appreciate learning about the family and the context behind their volunteering. It helps them see the impact and change their work has on the health, safety and viability of a families home.

Here is the link to the introductory module of our on site education.

Note: there are 2 parts of this module. The first four pages is the staff section to facilitate discussion and the next 2 pages are for volunteers to read and interact with.  We pass the volunteer information out as they arrive on site so they have something to do until the morning meeting begins.

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