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Monday, May 7, 2012

Building A Reputation For Your Program

Habitat for Humanity has built a wonderful reputation as a non-profit home builder that partners with families to provide decent homes at an affordable price. 

As you partner with homeowner families to provide home restoration services you will also start to build a reputation in your community.

So what do you want your program to be known for?

A Brush with Kindness in the Twin Cities is known as a resource for home maintenance and repairs.  We provide a continuum of services from referral support to do it yourself assistance to small and large home restoration projects.

Obviously, we cannot provide our traditional ABWK services to everyone who applies or even qualifies for the program. 

However, we can build relationships with homeowners, volunteers, agencies and municipalities as an organization that understands and supports families in a variety of ways and will offer assistance that shows how much we value each family that needs home restoration services.

One of the outcomes of our disaster recovery work is that we saw a huge need for helping families navigate contractor, insurance and work scope questions and concerns and to refer them to the best agency to meet their needs (sometimes Habitat and sometimes others).  However, the publicity and support we received from the community was immense.

So what we used to do informally (family mentoring and referral) is now being developed into a program (ABWK expansion) with a broad spectrum.  The additional community support has helped us provide more low-cost solutions for more families. Therefore, we are becoming a one stop shop for understanding and empathizing with the home restoration needs of our community.

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