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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Invitation to a Shared Learning Experience

There is nothing like sharing idea's with other affiliates about best practices and how to build capacity. I have had the privilege to share with a variety of affiliates on how to start ABWK in their communities.  Whether it's one on one with an ED, multiple calls and emails with affiliate staff, a conference workshop or an all day on site training with board and staff members, I love to exchange idea's on how to best serve families needing a decent place to live.

It's also amazing to see how affiliates have interpreted the philosophies and strategies of providing their communities with effective home (repair) restoration services.  Some of these strategies appear to be more effective than others depending on an affiliates objectives. Of course, whether you are looking to serve more families, utilize more volunteers, make a bigger community impact or integrate it as part of a strategy to build more homes, A Brush with Kindness can serve as an effective tool to grow your organization.

If you are ever in the Twin Cities area I invite you and your staff/board to come and view our program.  We have a highly skilled group of staff members who would be glad to spend time sharing how our program works and also give you an opportunity to come to one of our homes and participate in a project.

I would also love to come out to your affiliates to learn about what you're doing with your ABWK programs or hear about plans to start a program.

Pat Lund, A Brush with Kindness - Twin Cities, MN

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