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Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Partner Agreement (Sweat Equity)

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity recognizes the value homeowners place on their home and the hard work that it has taken to acquire and maintain it.  As the head of their household and responsible for the upkeep of their property, we are honored to be invited to come alongside families in helping to restore their home.

As a partner with homeowners in helping to improve their home, we have a variety of options to help complete the necessary work.  We also know that every homeowner situation is different and want to give them some flexibility in working with us.  That's why we give homeowners a couple of options to partner with us:
  1. Do It Yourself Support:  This is where you provide the labor for all the work needed and we would provide the materials and/or expertise to complete the project.
  2. Work alongside ABWK staff and volunteers during the project to complete the work.  The homeowner and all able-bodied adults are required to work on their home each day with the assistance of staff and/or volunteers.
Homeowners are required to choose one of the options above.  However, if their circumstances do not allow for the above options they can choose one of the options below with A Brush with Kindness staff approval.

  1. The homeowner will perform designated tasks on their own according to their ability and with materials supplied by A Brush with Kindness to complete the work on their home. ABWK staff and/or volunteers will complete the remaining tasks.
  2. Family host – share or write your story, thank and be positive toward staff and volunteers while work is being performed.
  3. Volunteer on another ABWK project or Habitat home build because your work schedule does not allow you to participate in completing the work on your own home.
We ask homeowners to explain why they need to choose one of the three options above.  Then it is reviewed by ABWK staff for approval.  Here is our Family Partnership Agreement.

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