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Friday, July 1, 2011

Partnering With Your ReStore

One of the ways to maximize your ABWK resources is to leverage them with your ReStore.  We have partnered with our ReStore in a variety of ways and are looking at several more opportunities in which we can collaborate.

As we review our ABWK applicants, we look at every possible way families can help themselves with their home restoration.  It allows us to walk beside families and look at a continuum of options to help them.

The ReStore provides a low cost way for homeowners to accomplish do it yourself projects that ABWK cannot provide.  However, it is also a way that homeowners who are able to purchase product from the ReStore but do not have skills use ABWK volunteers to help with labor. 

We try to be creative in having homeowners purchase what materials they can afford (either from the ReStore or another retail provider), train them to do what they can and then fill in labor needs with ABWK volunteers. 

Even though many of our ABWK families cannot help with purchasing materials or even helping with labor, those families who can partner with Habitat in this way help us serve more families.  abwk habitat for humanity

ABWK promotes the ReStore to all of our applicants and our ReStore promotes ABWK to their customers.  This cross promotion effort helps to expand both programs while allowing the public to see how all our works aligns with our Habitat mission of creating and preserving homeownership - a win/win situation!

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