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Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Centered Restoration Services

Habitat for Humanity partners with homeowners so they can restore their home to a decent condition that meets their families’ needs. We recognize it is the families’ responsibility to maintain their home. Most families in our community have worked years to acquire and maintain their property. However, many under-resourced families in our community, through a variety of unfortunate circumstances have become unable to keep up with necessary home maintenance.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity has responded to this overwhelming community need by offering homeowner families support through A Brush with Kindness. ABWK comes alongside families to assist them in completing the necessary work so they can continue to live in their homes. A Brush with Kindness partners with homeowners to offer a continuum of restoration support services.

A Brush with Kindness offers homeowners the following supportive resources:

Referral Support – For homeowners we cannot assist, ABWK refers homeowners to other local housing services such as Community Action. However, we also use which is a national referral website that provides local supportive resources for the home.

DIY Support - ABWK provides free and reduced priced materials to homeowners who can provide their own labor. Homeowners can purchase some of their building materials at a significant discount from our Habitat Restore. Habitat can also provide limited expertise to assist in home restoration projects as well. ABWK staff can show families how to do the work, get them started and have families complete the project.

Restoration Support: ABWK partners with families by providing materials, volunteer labor and expertise to homeowners to complete their projects. Able-bodied homeowners work side by side with Habitat staff and volunteers to complete all necessary work.

By providing a continuum of restoration support to families, Habitat can help more homeowners in their effort to remain living in their homes.  abwk habitat for humanity

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