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Monday, February 28, 2011

Integrating Two Services into One Habitat Message

Are ABWK families and their stories being woven into the mission and messaging of your affiliate?  Is preserving a home for a family valued the same as creating a home for a family?  Are you marketing the two services seperate or together?

How you answer these questions will impact the growth of your ABWK program.  Home creation and home renovation can complement and help each service grow or they can be a hinderence to growth - especially to your new ABWK program.

It is important to understand how a program like A Brush with Kindness will fit into an affiliate's home building tradition.  If an affiliate wants a strong, successful ABWK program it must learn how it will communicate and market the program both internally and externally.

Do your affiliate leaders talk about ABWK as a growing, integral part of your affilliates mission?  Is home renovation promoted on the front page of your web site along with home building?  Is ABWK and its service to existing homeowners integrated into your messaging at special events and in key media pieces?

Even though ABWK is a relatively new program at most affiliates, it is important to integrate the families, their stories and the services provided into the fabric of your affiliate.  Once you have woven the two services into one message it will enhance the value of both programs.  abwk habitat for humanity

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