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Monday, December 6, 2010

ABWK Fundraising Basics

The engine that drives resource development are the stories of the families we serve.  Families that have been helped through A Brush with Kindness draw the necessary resources to run a successful program.

Putting together a development plan should follow from your work parameters, family served goal and program budget.  The following are area's in which we have raised funds for A Brush with Kindness:
     In-Kind Donations - Valspar paint - getting free paint as helped us leverage a lot of other donations such as paint brushes, roller covers, plastic sheeting, rags, garbage bags, sand  paper, scrapers, hand tools, caulk, safety glasses, hand cleaner, extension poles etc.

     Sponsorships - Our sponsorships range from $1,000 - $3,000 for a single home.  We have also received sponsorship funds for a targeted neighborhood - $25,000 and lead sponsorship for the program - $60,000.  However, most of our sponsorship funds are tied to volunteering.

     Special Events - We have put on a neighborhood blitz of working on 10 homes within a week.  ABWK has also been part of Women Build and will be part of our CEO Build in 2011.  We have also been the volunteer component for our community summer celebration event.  Communities like the idea of having a volunteer activity that is part of their overall festivities.

     Private Grants -  We have received grants from foundations that target helping seniors, disabled and families maintain their home and independence.

     Government Grants -  We have received municipal grants from a variety of government pools including Community Development Block Grants.

     General Fund - We use a small portion of our general operating budget for ABWK because it has become an integrated part of our mission and marketing campaigns.  ABWK is also part of all our special events and our direct mail solicitations.

* Future Fundraising Opportunities - We are looking at becoming integrated with our Restore so that families that can do maintenance work themselves and families we cannot serve in our traditional ABWK program can have the opportunity to purchase low cost building materials for their home.  We are hoping that integration will increase participation for both services. 

A Brush with Kindness is a relatively low cost service that can dramtically increase your affiliates visibility, resources and impact in your community.  abwk habitat for humanity

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