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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Energy Efficiency Work

ABWK is looking to expand our energy efficiency work in the Twin Cities.  Currently, we do minor caulking as well as limited door and window replacement.  We do not replace all windows and doors but usually replace/repair 2-3 windows and doors per project.  However, we are looking to doing entire window and door replacement, as well as caulking and providing energy efficient appliances/devices.  These weatherization and energy effiency services would add to our volunteer friendly activities and provide additional critical services to the homeowners we serve.

A comprehensive home energy audit as well as insulation work would be sub-contracted as these additional homeowner services would need additional staffing and are not volunteer friendly.

Today, it is too expensive to be able to serve a significant number of homeowners in this comprehensive manner.  We are currently partnering with our Community Action agencies to provide some of these critical services but are looking to close the gap between what each organization currently provides.

We are looking to fund this additional work through cash and in-kind contributions from a combination of public and private sources. 

I will keep you posted on our progress to expand into these new services. habitat for humanity

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