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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resource Development and ABWK Growth

There are several options for raising funds to support your new program.  However, it really will depend on your growth strategy. 

Staffing will be an affiliates largest cost as the program grows.  In the early stages of ABWK most affiliates can find the resources to serve one family a month if you have an excess of volunteers and have current staff that can facilitate a 3 day cosmetic project.  Also, most affiliates have long time volunteers that can play key roles in running a program in its early stages.  Americorps and Vista members can also play a significant role in running a successful program.  However, an affiliate will need a key staff member to take ownership to have any type of sustainable growth.

Materials and supplies is your next significant cost to running an ABWK program.  However, with getting free paint from Valspar and having some excess supplies from your homebuilding or Restore, material costs should be minimal.  Most projects can be completed for under $1,000.

Twin Cities Habitat raises most of our funds through home sponsorships, private and public grants.  Today our sponsorships are $3,000.  This is our average cost for each project.  However, our work scope has significantly increased over the last 11 years.  Corporate and foundation grants have also been a significant resource that supports our program.  The grants range from $5,000 - $25,000 and includes in-kind donations.  We have also received funding from local municipalities.  Several affiliates get local grants via CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) funds.  At TCHFH, municipal grants have not been a significant source of funding but in many communities there is a lot of potential.

Sponsorships connected to volunteering is the largest source of our funding.  Church and private foundation grants is another significant source of funding that is tied to family stories and which organizations feel compelled to support. 

Connecting people to our families through volunteering and/or financial support is the key to raise funds for a successful program. (Home Repair) abwk habitat for humanity

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